"I would highly recommend Milton as an arranger and a wonderful human being." 
Bill Gaither

“One can only say great things about Milton Smith, personally and professionally. The creative talents of Milton Smith, whether referring to his incredible keyboard work, his ability as a pianist, or as an orchestral arranger and composer, are as good as it gets (in my opinion). He is always a joy to work with, is prompt, and will give you his very best on each arrangement. Your recording project will only be enhanced if Milton Smith is part of it.”
Jeff Collins

“I have respected your music for a long time and feel you are the best at what you do. You are the only guy I know that can make synth orchestra sound like the "real thing". Thank you for helping groups get that "orch. feel" without it costing them so much money. Keep doing what you are doing. You have certainly made your place in gospel music and everyone loves you for that.”
Your friend,
Lari Goss